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"You're the birthday girl"

I curated a breathtaking birthday look for her—a vision of sophistication and glamour. She gracefully donned an opulent, floor-length gown I handpicked. The dress, a meticulous blend of elegance and drama, featured a stunning array of gems. Each strategically placed, they transformed her into a walking masterpiece, catching the light with every move. The gown's flowing silhouette, tailored to perfection, accentuated her poise. The result was a celebration of refined style, where every gem and stitch told a story of beauty and luxury. It was a pleasure crafting an ensemble that turned heads and made her the epitome of timeless chic



This is what you call sharp and tailored with a hint of sexy. I went for the oversized pieces but made sure they were kept sharp and tailored throughout. I personally don't think you can ever go wrong with an oversized blazer that is clinched at the waist to give the body and outfit shape. Whereas with the vest outfit, the female shows more, she feels herself, she shows off her shape, she shows yo u what she isn't afraid to show off. This for me is what you would see the modern business women in. She screams fashion ! She screams stylish ! She screams business ! She screams money !


Here we take sexy vintage into the forest. Not just any forest but Epping forest. For this look I decided to go for a long trench coat with a floral pattern on the collar to add to the vintage look. in order to make the look slightly more sexy, I had decide leather accessories such as the Beret, leather boots and leather gloves. As you can tell I had gone for a burgundy coloured hat and this worked really well with the colour of the scenery. Also, as you look at the pictures that are taken closer up and show the detail very clearly, you can see that the colour of the hat also works really well with the detail of the floral pattern. I then chose to go for a dramatic neck piece. For me, this piece added elegance and power all in one.




I had the pleasure of working with 4 amazing models to create something magical. All pieces were from the amazing Hackney based brand called Raeburn. A brand that stands for something fabulous and that is recycled materials. Believe me or not, many of these pieces are made out of parachutes. I was able to work alongside a talented team which included 2 photographers, 2 make up artists and a set director. 

When it came to the styling and the particular pieces i picked out. I stuck with two pieces, not only because it was the easiest but because with the pieces together they all created such statement pieces. This is clearly shown in the above pictures. 



Here, we have the amazing Freya showing us how its done in two different vintage outfits in the middle of Notting Hill. A shoot where we have minimal but striking poses with vintage clothing to top it off. We have a vintage baseball jacket which was purchased from Rokit. This was paired with the grunge chunky looking boots, in order to have a slight biker look added to the scene. When moving onto the second outfit we kept the chunky boots which is very much in fashion at the moment and paired it with stone washed dungarees. This was then completed with a corduroy cream shirt purchased from Zara. This was a perfect match in order for the vintage vibe to be very much visible.


Look 1 : We went for a vintage look which is a very popular look nowadays. 

I completely understand the reason why its popular. Can you really go wrong with vintage ? NO ! It's something that will always be on trend. It sustainable because it is normally worn clothes and as much as we love a bit of designer, there are just certain items that you just can't get any more. Go to a vintage shop or second hand and I bet you will find exactly what you was looking for. Therefore, here we have a full vintage outfit that stayed within the beige and khaki tones. These are two tones that always work very well together. 


Look 2 : Here we went for a biker look. This is another common look that will never go out of trend. We have the leather jacket which is an item that will always come back into trend around autumn time. Leather, leather jackets, leather pants, these are all items that always pop back because of how versatile they are and how stylist they will always be. It's a piece that can always be dressed down or dressed up. 

We also went with the chunky boot look also. This is a look that is very common especially when it comes to females at the moment BUT here I showed it looks just as amazing on males. In fact, there are many stylish chunky boots for males. Have you tried on a pair of Dr Martens ? 


Vintage with a touch of modern 

What is this all about ? It's all about having a vintage and modern touch all at once. It's about showing fashion in a creative way. Using your surroundings to create an effect. Remembering that your background and the way you dress is a piece of art. Expressing how you feel through the way you dress. 

This is about allowing whoever to dress however. Showing that all fashion styles are being accepted in 2020 and beyond. 

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