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Welcome to ShoppingWithATS. This is where I share a handful of items that I came across whilst shopping (my favourite thing to do). You will get to see these amazing items on a weekly basis whilst I update this blog every week. You get to see the pieces that stood out to me the most. The pieces that are currently trending as we speak. Pieces that I would have purchased if it was in my size :(

All following items that I had discovered could be purchased from Zara or the Adidas store. These were two stores that I had attended last week. I hope you enjoy !

This here is a white, crimpled off the shoulder top from Zara. Priced at £19.99 and even if I say so myself, I think its very much worth it. The quality of the top was very nice and very well detailed. The look of this top screams "brunch vibes" to me. This is a top that can be paired with a variety of different bottoms, no matter what the colour.What types of bottoms can be worn with this top ? ripped slouchy jeans, small pleated midi skirt, ripped denim shorts, carrot fitted smart trousers OR even oversized baggy joggers. A piece such as this top can be worn in so many different ways which indicates why it is a good buy.

This shoes right here, these are a bit of me. I have a small small obsession when it comes to heels nowadays. A good pair of heels really do someone amazing to an outfit sometimes. The mix of colours allow you to wear these shoes with a small variety of colours. You can either chose to wear it with one of the colours on the shoe, an all black outfit or an all white outfit. With an all white or black outfit, it will allow the shoes to pop a lot more and be the centre of attention.

A mint green skirt that has a matching mint green blazer. This, once again is a bit of me. If you haven't already purchased a 2 piece from Zara then you may be missing out on one of the best things ever. For me, I'm quite biased when it comes to Zara anyways but honestly the quality of Zara 2 pieces are amazing. Good quality of fabric is always used and is something that can be worn repeatedly without losing it's quality. Also, if you didn't know, this mint green colour is very much in fashion at the moment. A colour that can be nicely matched with white. Just take time to imagine a nice white bralet placed under the blazer alongside a pair of white heels. These heels could be a pair of mules which are currently trending or a very cute pair of strappy heels (you just can't go wrong).

WOW, the colour does it all for me. I'm a very big fan of pops of colour and this gives me POP ! Whilst the colour amazes me, the detail of the sleeves is what takes it to another level. Now, I have always been a fan of dramatic sleeves, that being the puffed sleeves, the extra long sleeves or even lantern sleeves. Sleeves is something that can completely change up a top and make it a statement piece. What would I wear this top with ? Now, I'm not a massive fan of white jeans but I definitely can see them paired with this top. I would then add a matching coloured pair of heels with the perfect set of accessories. Im talking earrings, rings, necklaces and everything extra, lol.

Whilst I can sit here and say I love my heels, trainers is something that can never truly be replaced. These are transparent ! These are platforms ! These have amazing details ! These are luminous yellow ! This trainer is just amazing and is not something I have seen on anyone as of yet. We can start off but pairing it with an original adidas superstar tracksuit. In fact, lets pair it with a black one. This will allow the trainers to stand out even more. To be honest, I think I would only wear it with the colour black. This makes sure that the trainer is always popping and never over shone by any other colour. What do you think ? would you purchase ? would you rock them ? would you buy them as a present for someone ?

Now, these are a pair of Zara sandals that I have seen on many women but I completely understand why. These sandals are so simple and cute ! the brightness of the Green is absolutely beautiful and during summer time, every female needs a pair of Zara sandals. If, you have been getting through your summers without a pair of Zara sandals then baby girl you got some re-thinking to do.

I know I have mentioned the colour white a lot during this blog but I mostly definitely see this with a nice white dress. This can be a midi bodycon dress, a shirt dress or a strappy skater dress. What would you pair these with ?

This here is the perfect summer bag. It just scream summer, right ? It's also the perfect size, not too big and not too small. It will fit everything that you need to bring along to your brunch. Although its a colour that many may think limits them, it really doesn't. It can be used as a statement piece and mix up your outfit completely. Also, the contrast of the different browns and materials, add something special.

If you want to play it safe but not boring, you could match this with a lovely brown dress with the right gold accessories.

Low strappy black heels ? baby girl you CAN NOT go wrong. This is a pair of heels that every girl NEEDS in her wardrobe. Whether you are confident in heels or not, theses are needed ! They are super comfortable and go with absolutely everything. At one point you couldn't tell me that low heels were ever going to be in fashion BUT boy oh boy. These are in fashion and I completely understand why. When I say that these can be worn with absolutely everything, I mean EVERYTHING !

Well, well, well we have come to an end for this week. If there are any items that you have questions about and would want help to style then don't be afraid to contact me. I'm here to help baby girls, speak soon and love yah !

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